Digs I Dig: City Cottage

As I’ve said so many, many, many times, I’m over-the-moon excited to move into my new little apartment on the cusp of Chicago next week.  How funny to find this article about a home in Andersonville that’s worked around the limitations of a small place!  I love that they used pale grays to make the rooms look bigger–it’s definitely my plan to have as much white space as possible, with pops of muted color here and there.

Naturally, I’m especially drawn to the antique elements in this space, like this incredible Victorian marble fireplace.  Plenty of the older buildings in my new town have fireplaces, but none are so grand as this!

I’m completely enamored with the way all of these antiques–for that’s what nearly everything is–are neither fusty nor cacophonic.  It’s that perfect mix of quirkiness, with all those cheeky decor pieces and unexpected colors, and it’s obvious it’s taken some time, thought, and hard work to acquire the elements that make this home so striking.

All things to keep in mind when I start my new chapter!

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