On Moxie (Part 2)

In the last week, I’ve learned a great deal about the incomparable Moxie.  Prior to our current arrangement, Moxie and I lived in a house with three other people and two cats.  She inhabited the kitchen; I had my own bedroom.  Now, however, we share one studio, and, according to her, we also share the bed.

This has caused some frustration, but right now, we’re working on a compromise: she gets the bed during the day to growl at birds, and I get it at night so I can, you know, actually sleep.

But that’s not the only thing that’s different.  I’m starting to learn more about when Moxie is most active so I can plan my weekends around her.  For example, I know that she likes to wake up around 6 a.m. to eat and go for a walk, and by 9, she’ll crash.  That means I can go for my hour run and maybe run an errand or two.  By the afternoon, though, I better be ready, because she’s going to wake up from her nap and want to play HARD.

Another thing I’ve found out is that Moxie is afraid of kids.  I’m not surprised, because they are normally shrieking and accompanied by some kind of scary contraption, such as strollers and bicycles.  I do wonder if I’ve in any way influenced her attitude toward children, since I, too, am terrified of them.  The irony, of course, is that Moxie herself is very much like a human baby, but at least she’s fluffy and doesn’t throw ugly tantrums (well, not that often, anyway).

Now the fun part will be learning even more about her as she grows up.  What else does Moxie have in store for me??

4 thoughts on “On Moxie (Part 2)”

    1. Thank you so much, although I do think Moxie deserves the credit! I will be doing a post of my apartment as soon as I get the rest of my mess cleaned up.


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