Review: Lush’s Santa Baby

1449427618029.jpgIf you’ve been following Mox and Socks for a while, you already know that I can’t resist a snazzy red for my lips.  I’m not into wearing a lot of makeup, so lip stains are a good way for me to look like I’ve made an effort without really trying.

A couple of weeks ago while I was visiting my parents, my mom was clearly excited about a little gift for me.  She kept asking if I’d like to have it early, and since neither of us really have any willpower, I closed my eyes and she gave me Lush’s winter classic: Santa Baby.

Santa Baby is technically a lip tint, but I found that the color has some serious staying power.  I smoothed some on that day and it stayed well into the evening–there were even traces of it on my lips after I washed my face for the night.  This is something I like and seek out in a lip color, but my guess is that it isn’t for everyone!

I’ve been wearing it nearly every day since I got it–there’s so much I love about it!  Apart from how long it lasts, the color is perfect.  It’s a little pink-y, which is a departure from most of the reds I own, which are mostly orange-based.  I also really like how well it layers.  I tend to make two or three passes on my lips to get a deep color, but my mom only dabs hers on for a little hint.  And did I mention the scent?  It’s just like cherry cola!

The only thing I don’t like about it is the texture.  It’s a little chalky, but I get past this by prepping my lips with a little balm beforehand.

Apart from that, though, I can see myself getting a lot of use from Santa Baby!  I hope it lasts through the year!

Have you tried Santa Baby?  If so, did you like it?  If not, what’s your favorite holiday makeup?

3 thoughts on “Review: Lush’s Santa Baby”

  1. I love lip stains!!! This one looks so nice, and I really hope it will last, because I’m heading to London next year (they haven’t got Lush where I live… 😦 booo )
    You look so cute in the photos!
    Much love,


  2. oh, I love Lush! I used to work there for about a year after I graduated college (right when the economy imploded and hadn’t found a full-time job yet). Employees got a 50% discount! The Santa Baby lip tint looks great on you. I recently bought their Santa’s Lip Scrub which has this yummy cherry cola scent.


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