A Staying-In Valentine’s Day Outfit

DSC_1992Until very recently, I never put much thought into Valentine’s Day.  I’ve usually been single on the holiday, so I’ve grown accustomed to treating it like any other day–well, maybe with a little extra ice cream or Nutella.  This year, though, I’m extremely lucky to be dating someone incredible, and we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day by doing exactly what I want: catching up on The Walking Dead and indulging in plenty of heart-shaped cookies and wine.


I had put together this outfit on a whim over the weekend, but I realized it would actually work really well for the kind of Valentine’s Day I’m planning.  I’ve got the red, I’ve got the heart, and that’s all I really need, right?  (Although there IS an obnoxious pink dress with a heart-shaped bodice and tiny hearts printed all over it in my closet just in case I want to get fancy at the last minute.)

What are you planning on wearing for Valentine’s Day??



20 thoughts on “A Staying-In Valentine’s Day Outfit”

  1. Super cute outfit! The little heart vest is gorgeous! And you look absolutely adorable in these photos (like you always do). I haven’t really thought much about what I’ll wear, probably something red. And I think your vday plans sound excellent! 😉
    Much love,


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