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Teach Me: Styling Second-Day Curls


Whenever I curl my hair, I look forward to second-day curls.  I always feel like my curls are a little too tight and ringlet-y on the first day, but on the next, I get some seriously sexy waves.  Lately, I’ve been wanting to amp up the Bardot factor, so I’ve been adding a little pouf.  It’s super easy and stays in place all day!  (I did my hair like this in my last post, and it stayed through some incredibly strong winds!)  Here’s how I do it:


When I wake up, all I do is wash and blow dry my bangs–they tend to look a little stringy if I don’t scrub them down.


Next, I brush out my hair.  The curls are so much looser and wavier the second day!


Once my hair is nice and smooth, I take a small (2″ wide) section right at the crown of my head, behind my bangs, and backcomb it until it stands up from my head by about 3″.


Using a rat tail comb, I smooth the backcombed pouf, and then I comb back a small section on either side of the pouf.


Finally, I secure it in the back with a pretty bow!


And that’s all there is to it!  You can smooth it down as much as you like, but I love keeping my hair a little messier with this ‘do.

What about you–how do you like to style second-day hair?

6 thoughts on “Teach Me: Styling Second-Day Curls”

    1. Thank you! I wish my hair was more naturally curly so I could do this without having to curl my hair and then wait a day to style it like this, haha!


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