What’s in My June Ipsy Bag?


This post almost didn’t happen, mostly out of laziness.  See, my mailbox is down two flights of stairs and requires a key, and I simply can’t be bothered with checking my mail all that often.  As a result, I didn’t open up this Ipsy bag until last week, and I wasn’t sure if I’d even have the time to review it.  However, I got some pretty great things in it, and I wanted to share them with you!  So…HERE WE GO!

BioRepublic SkinCare  Fiber Mask Set

I got a pair of masks–Cucumber Breeze and Pomegranate Crush.  All you do is unfold them and stick ’em on your face, and after 20 minutes, you can peel them off and rub the excess lotion into your skin.

Let me be frank: I’m not really a mask person, so these didn’t really do it for me.  My skin didn’t feel any different after I had used them.  Still, it was nice to just sit down and relax with them on my face for a while, especially with the terrible summer heat upon us.


Seraphine Botanicals Happy Hibiscus Blush

Oh.  Oh, oh.  This blush is a brand-new favorite.  When I first opened it and saw how dark the color was, I didn’t think there was any way it was going to look right on my pasty pink skin, but I WAS SO WRONG!  I get so many compliments when I wear it, which is crazy for me because no one ever compliments my makeup.  All I do is sweep it into the hollows of my cheeks and enjoy the rest of my day.  Happy Hibiscus, indeed!


Royal and Langnickel MODA Crease/Smudge Brush

Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Fireball

The brush is nice–it’s double-tipped and pretty versatile, and it’s definitely better quality than most of the ones I already have.

As for the eye shadow, well, it’s not what I’m normally into.  It’s hot pink and very shimmery, while I prefer browns and paler pinks.  I will say that it LASTS all day (even without a primer!) and goes on very smoothly.  It also builds well–but it took me several applications before my boyfriend even noticed!


Doucce Boombastic Lash Volumizer Mascara

Yaaaaaaas this mascara is awesome!  Maybe not as good as the one I got in last month’s bag (see here), but still pretty great!  I’ve never used a mascara that’s so good at separating my lashes.  The only problem I had with it is that it didn’t volumize my lashes as much as I’d hoped.