What’s in my September Ipsy Bag?


Better late than never, right?  Let’s just say that I’ve been testing my Ipsy stuff extra hard this month.  I’ve got a handful of goodies that I can’t wait to share with you, so let’s go!


Eau Thermale Avene

Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum

Wait, this is a hydrating serum?  I couldn’t tell because this stuff dried my face into a raisin.  My skin felt tight and flaky–definitely not the “zen relaxation” for my face that Ipsy promised.


Dr. G.

Daily Safe BB

If the hydrating serum above was a disaster, this BB cream was a godsend.  I’ve been a huge fan of Supergoop’s BB for years, but I’m switching loyalties now.  Seriously, this stuff is amazing: my skin felt soothed, and the coverage is amazing.  I’m planning a trip to Super H Mart to see if I can get some more Dr. G. products!


IT Cosmetics

Superhero Mascara in Super Black

This mascara is touted for its “proprietary elastic stretch technology.”  While I have no idea what that means, WOW did this do wonders for my eyelashes!  I swiped this on and magically all of my lashes were plumped and unclumped.  I’m in love.


Pixie by Petra

Matteluster Lipstick in Rose Naturelle

When I first tried out this lipstick, I absolutely hated it.  Despite the nice way it made my lips feel, the color seemed far too dark for me.  When I put it on to take these pictures, though, I found that I actually really liked it!  I think it depends on what you’re wearing.  This color won’t be good for summer, but I think it’ll work nicely with my dark and muted fall duds.


Living Proof

Perfect Hair Day (PhD) 5-in-1 Styling Treatment

I’ll be honest: I didn’t even try this stuff.  It said on the back that you should blow dry your hair after you massage in a little bit of this…and I never, ever blow dry my hair.  Because I bleach it, I take care not to do much damage to my tresses, which means I’ve given up curling wands, straighteners, and even hair dryers.  Oh well.

Dress: thrifted

Necklace: c/o Vinca

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