What’s in my October Ipsy Bag?


Halloween is almost here, and I’ve already gotten some treats!  From magic wands to powerful potions, my October Ipsy bag was chock full of surprises.  Did all my goodies put a spell on me?  Or did some of them leave me disenchanted?  Read on…if you dare.


Indi Beauty

Buttercream Antioxidant Lip Scrub

When it comes to lip scrubs, I’m a Lush girl through and through.  Made almost entirely of sugar and flavoring, it’s fun to scrub my lips and then lick up all the excess crystals.  Unfortunately, this scrub by Indi Beauty is not edible.  (Minus ten points from Indi.) And while it does have some shea butter and Vitamin E for hydration, I just wasn’t wowed.


Trust Fund Beauty

Gimme Good Face Primer

So…this is a primer for aging skin, which I apparently have now that I’m over 25.  It’s supposed to fill in wrinkles and fine lines, which would probably be great if I actually had them.  As it is, I didn’t get much use out of this stuff.  I don’t normally wear a primer (I use CC cream instead), and my skin just felt greasy by the end of the day with this.  I’ll be sticking to my normal routine.



Nail Polish in Heavenly

While I absolutely despise this color, I LOVE this polish.  It went on super smoothly and coated my nails very evenly.  And so far, it’s done a great job of staying put.  I don’t have any chips or cracks yet, and it’s been half a week so far.


The Balm

Hot Mama Blush/Eye Shadow

This was…okay.  I used it as both a shadow and a blush, and I can’t say I’m thrilled with the color.  It’s way too pinky/pigmented for my taste, but if that’s your thing, great!


Ciate London

Fierce Flicks Eyeliner

I wanted to love this eyeliner.  I really did.  It’s like a felt tip marker, which made it SO easy to use.  Normally when I try to wing my eyeliner, I have to give it a few tries, but this one went on perfectly right from the get-go.  And it’s nice and dark, which I love.  Unfortunately, I have a super greasy face (ick, I know), so it slid off halfway through the day.  Oh well.

10 thoughts on “What’s in my October Ipsy Bag?”

    1. Thank you! It’s a lot of fun to get these bags every month, but sometimes the stuff that’s inside isn’t always amazing 😉


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