How Many Blog Post Pictures Do You Need?



love taking pictures for this blog.  On the weekend, I can hardly wait for the sun to start going down so I can grab my tripod, timer, and camera to snap a bunch of pics.  When I’m out, I spend a good 30 minutes to an hour working on different poses and camera angles, and I can really get lost in it.

But here’s the thing–when it comes time to write up a post, how many of those pictures are you supposed to use?  I know how much work goes into each picture, but there has to be a limit.  As a reader, I really don’t like blog posts that feature pretty much the same photo over and over, with slightly different poses.  They don’t add any value, so what’s the point?

For the last year or so, that’s been my rule: make your point and move on.  Some bloggers, like A Robot Heart and A Clothes Horse, use their pictures to tell stories, and every shot has something different and interesting.  Other bloggers are all about the outfit, so they show one or two head-to-toe shots and a few detail pics.

A lot of the time, I like going for that narrative quality, but when I’m not, I honestly don’t think I need more than a handful of pictures.  In fact, because this outfit is so simple, I only needed two.

I think there’s a little fear that fewer pictures is a bad thing, but really, I think it’s better to pare down the number of shots you use.  Use only the best ones–the ones that add the most value to the post.

What do you think?  How do you decide which pictures to use for your posts?


20 thoughts on “How Many Blog Post Pictures Do You Need?”

  1. This is something I struggle with. After a few months of blogging, I realized that I was basically posting a bunch of very similar shots, because I was happy with how they’d come out. I’ve been trying so hard to introduce more variation into my poses and settings, but I still have a hard time paring down.



    1. It’s a difficult task, for sure! I think there are a lot of reasons why it’s hard to pare down the number of pics, and part of that has to do with how much work goes into it, and part of it has to do with a positive attitude toward yourself. I mean, how awesome is it to have a hard time picking your favorite pictures of yourself?? I think it’s a wonderful thing! That being said, I’ve seen the changes in your blog since I started following you, and I think you’re really good at curating your pictures. 🙂


  2. I see so many great blogs with a billion pictures for one post. They are all great photos, but I’ve found that it takes forever for my computer to load them and I end up closing out because it takes them forever. haha I kindly want to be like “I love your blog.. but it takes 10 min for it to download one post.”

    Thank YOU for making such a great blog that’s beautiful and easy to read.



    1. I didn’t think about it that way, but you’re totally right! I think sometimes bloggers just don’t think about the experience that their readers will have when they visit their blog or check out a post, so that’s great to keep in mind!

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  3. I have a rule that says no more than 10 photos in a set. I break it rarely and only when I really love the photos and substracting from the final number would take away from the story. Other than that, I just like to be sure I showed everything: there should be a full body shot, a detail shot or two, a portrait if something makeup-y is happening there and a half-body photo taken at different angles to better show the sides and back of the outfit. I’ve recently found people seem to like those weird pinterest-worthy headless shots that only show the mid part of the outfit… so I take those too becasue it can’t hurt to be seen on pinterest, right? The most interesting photos, though, are the ones that show the clothes in movement. Of these I take quite a lot and I try to include at least two in a post. So this is me.

    That said, I absolutely love your photos, you’re one of my favorite blogger-photographers out there. Your photos are always so well thought out, nicely composed and beautifully edited. I often sigh when I see your surroundings –so pretty! So please don’t take away my pleasure of looking at more of your pics! 😀


    1. You know I’m a big fan of your photography, and I could never get tired of your outfit photos! I think you’ve got really good ideas for which pictures to show, especially since your outfits are usually pretty detailed–plus, like I said, your pics always seem to tell a story. When I put this post together, I was really thinking about an average blog, with five or six of the same shot taken in front of a garage door. Who cares about that? I want to see something interesting.

      And thank you! That’s a big compliment, coming from you! 🙂


  4. That is literally the hardest part for me when it comes to posting! I always take so many pictures and always like ALL of them, so narrowing them down is a struggle but I totally agree with what you said about it coming down to what you are trying to say and what your post features:)


    1. It really is a struggle! I always take forever picking out what I want to use, and sometimes I try to sneak in very similar shots–I just make sure to space them out so they’re not that close together! 😉


  5. This is always such a challenge for me! I once read to keep any post to under 10 shots, so that’s what I stick to since I know blogs are mostly visually based, and I feel pretty good about that most of the time. You could post all the photos you wanted and I wouldn’t mind! Your photography is always beautiful!


    1. You know, I got the idea for this post from IFB. They were talking about how one blogger used a single photo for her blog post, and another one (I think Song of Style) used over 40. Ten sounds like a good, solid number. Your pics are always so pretty and chic, I love looking at them–and I wouldn’t mind if you put up 40!


  6. I tend to get carried away when it’s featuring a product or flatlay. So, I tend to stick with image heavy pics for products and less narrations. But if its featuring my favourite outfits, I will post around two to three photos. I love reading and seeing all your photos and outfits on your blog.


    1. I think you have a really good handle on what to post. You are the flatlay QUEEN! I love how creative your flatlay pics always are!


  7. This is such a great post — thanks for the tips, Devinne. I never know what the optimal number of photos is, but I really admire bloggers who are able to use several photos to tell a story or set a scene without appearing repetitive; it’s a real talent! I love how your rule of “make your point and move on” is so simple yet powerful — I will keep that in mind in the future! ❤



    1. As long as it means you don’t cut any out! You know I love your pictures! That being said, thank you for the kind words! I try my best to live by that rule, but now and then I do sneak in a couple of very similar shots, because why not??


  8. Yeah, I totally agree! I only post between 7-10 outfit pictures, but I always make sure the poses are different and don’t all look exactly the same!


  9. I have a similar mindset to you. Simpler outfits=fewer pictures, more detailed/elaborate outfits=more pictures to show off the details. I think anywhere from 5-10 is a decent amount, and what QueenCityPetite said above me is so true! Especially if I’m on my phone and my data is super weak, I’ll close out of a website if the images load too slowly. I try to do at least one full body shot, a few detailed shots and maybe one interesting pose that isn’t just me standing there. 🙂


    1. Before QCP brought it up, I hadn’t even thought about that, but it’s so true! And I think you have a great handle on what/how many pics to post. You move around a lot and keep things interesting, which I love!


    1. And that totally works for you–I really like your blog pictures! You brought up something I didn’t think about before–the opening shot. Sometimes I completely forget about that, and when I go to write a post, I don’t have anything that punchy. Good to keep in mind!


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