Two Ways to Wear a Red Striped Sweater


I’ll ‘fess up: I have a severe stripes addiction.  I have striped sweaters, tees, shirts, and shoes up the wazoo.  Out of all of them, though, this red one wins.  I can never wait for it to dry when it comes out of the washing machine, so sometimes it’s even a little damp when I put it on.  This thing is just so freaking soft and cozy!

A sweater like this can’t be worn just one way.  It deserves more than that.  Here’s a couple of my favorite ways to style my red sweater–and keep an eye out for more someday soon!

Look One

I’ve dressed it up a little bit by pairing it with a simple black skater skirt, tights, and pointed-toe flats.  My leather bag does a nice job of keeping the outfit from looking tooooo sweet and balances out my (frankly, quite) adorable Book of Deer hat.

Look Two

This one’s a much more casual look.  I’ve swapped out the skirt and tights for jeans and duck boots, and I’m wearing my wool toggle coat for just a little extra coziness (and by a little, I mean a lot).  Still gotta have that hat on, though!

How would you guys style this sweater?

4 thoughts on “Two Ways to Wear a Red Striped Sweater”

    1. Thanks! Nothing I love more than red stripes! And if you’re interested, I bought the hat from Book of Deer about a year ago. She might still have some!


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