Outfit: The Rose Sweater

DSC_0015.jpgHaving blogged for a couple of years now, I’d like to think I’m a little seasoned.  Sure, I’m not a pro, but I’ve got some things under my belt, like working with brands.


A lot of the time, it’s a little thrill when I get an email from a brand saying they want to work with me.  It feels good to be recognized for something I put my heart and soul into.  Most brands operate on the same game plan–they send me something for free, I wear it on the blog, and we both go home happy.

But then there are the sneaky brands.  They, too, send an email saying they want to “work with me.”  As I read further into the email, though, it becomes clear that they want something for nothing.

Here’s an example.  A bra company recently contacted me and asked me to do a blog post for them.  I was to include a little quiz they made up and put in a promo code for 30% off one of their products.  I told them that before I could promote their brand, I’d like to receive a free bra–after all, I have to know what I’m talking about!  They said sure.

Kind of.

The company told me I could do a “free trial” and if I liked the bra, I would have to pay for it.

Um, are you kidding?

I sent them back an email politely declining the offer, and I explained that it’s not fair to ask a blogger to take the time to put together a post in return for nothing.  A loss, even, if I decided to purchase the bra after the “free” trial.

How do these brands justify this kind of thing?  Sometimes I imagine they must be thinking, “This blogger should be SO FLATTERED that we reached out to her!”  Maybe they really don’t understand how much work goes into a blog post, or that we totally deserve to be compensated for it.

Clearly, I find this practice super annoying.  Has this ever happened to you?

I’m thinking of putting together a blog post next week that explains how you can politely decline something like this but leave the door open to the brand.  What do you think?

14 thoughts on “Outfit: The Rose Sweater”

  1. I totally understand what you mean here. Blogging for some of us is an extra job we don’t get paid for, so when we work with brands to promote them we are basically advertising for them and advertising shouldn’t technically be free! I am glad you explained this to them:)

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    1. I get the feeling that a lot of brands really don’t understand what blogging entails. I’m hoping that by politely explaining why their “offers” are problematic, I can get them to rethink how they approach partnerships. I know I’m only one person, but I hope I can make even a small difference.


  2. This is so rude of them. You should have asked them if, while doing their job, if they work for free. So unfair, it seems like they don’t value bloggers but want the publicity anyway. The sweater is gorgeous, by the way and the skirt too. xo


    1. Exactly–they want something that benefits them for free…or even for a small profit if the blogger actually buys whatever they’re supposed to be promoting! Every time this happens, I’m going to write back and tell them how I feel and hopefully it’ll make a difference one day. And thank you! Never thought I’d like peach, but I really love this sweater.

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  3. Sorry to hear you had to experience that. Some of them don’t know how much work goes into creating those lovely images and time you have spent to create and style those products. I think its just bad management and marketing strategy on their part. I’m looking forward to reading your blog post next week as that will come in handy one day.


    1. Yeah, it definitely seems to me that these brands don’t quite understand how blogging works. I hope that by explaining the process to them, it will help them see why their “offers” are so problematic. I’m fine putting in work for MYSELF, but when someone else wants me to use my blog for them, I need some kind of compensation!


    1. It’s annoying, and sadly, it seems like it happens a lot (based on anecdotes from other bloggers). Hopefully by explaining why compensation is needed, I can give these brands something to think about! And thanks! I really like this color combo, too.


  4. I totally know what you are talking about. I get those emails as well. “write about our product.. but we cant send you any samples and you must put a link to our website”. Ummm I’m not writing about something I haven’t even tried. would love you to do a post on declining these requests!

    xoxx Christie


    1. SO ANNOYING! I mean, what goes on at the marketing meetings for these brands? Who came up with this? I’m brainstorming that post on declining these offers, and it should go up this week or next.


  5. First off, I LOVE the outfit! It’s too adorable and looks comfy! Second, I’m so glad you wrote this piece. In the past, I’ve fell for this kind of marketing rouse from a bra company (I’m curious to see if it was the same company). It’s incredibly frustrating to see big brands taking advantage of bloggers and their influence and then thinking they don’t deserve any sort of incentive. There’s always a promise of “we’ll share this posts on our social media! It’ll help you gain followers” blah blah, and they never do. Bloggers have to know their worth and learn to say no!


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