Outfit: Blush Ankle Straps


dsc_0056dsc_0075dsc_0076dsc_0069dsc_0062Here come the spring rains.

Poor Moxie is currently hiding out under the bed.  There’s a storm blustering outside, and she’s terrified of rain.  It’s weird; she loves it when I turn on the shower, but if that water comes from the sky instead of a faucet, there’s no getting through to her.  As soon as she hears the first patters fall, she stops whatever she’s doing to crawl under the bed.

Even today, she was in the middle of her “dessert” bone when she perceived a thunderclap and had to run for the hills.  There’s no getting her out once she’s there.  I’ve tried the Thundershirt, tranquil music, and even my mom’s voice on speakphone, but nothing would calm her down.

There are going to be more nights like this, I know, but at least it means spring is on its way.  As far as winters go, this one was remarkably mild.  I’m normally superstitious about that kind of thing, thinking that it’ll mean a poor summer.  But maybe it’s just making up for the last couple of years of nasty winters and chilly summers?  One can dream.

In any case, I just want to get outside and do the things I love: hike, run, and take pictures.  I’ve already started running after work, and it makes me feel so happy and energetic!  Even when I’m walking Moxie, we sometimes break into a little trot, and she loves it as much as I do.

What are you most excited for this spring?

9 thoughts on “Outfit: Blush Ankle Straps”

  1. I love those shoes! The color, the straps and they look like they’re super comfortable. As for spring, I’m really excited for the wild flower blooms happening in the next few weeks in the desert outside Los Angeles. Because of the huge amount of rain we got this winter, the wild flower blooms are supposed to be amazing this year, so I’m going to take a day trip out there and take some photos 🙂


    1. Thanks! I’ve been seeing a lot of French bloggers wearing ankle strap shoes so I wanted to get in on that. And that’s going to be so pretty when all the flowers bloom! I’m looking forward to seeing your pics!


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