Outfit: Red Dress + Black Ankle Straps


One of the things I really dislike about blogging (especially in the winter) is taking my own pictures.



I think a lot of you know this already, but I don’t have professional help with my photos.  It’s always just me, a tripod, and a remote.  It can be tough to run back and forth, adjusting both the camera settings and my poses.  A lot of the time, I wish someone else would do it for me since it would probably save a ton of time!

The thing is, I don’t know if I’ll ever give up creative control over my pictures.  For one thing, it’s pretty convenient.  I don’t have to badger anyone to go outside in the cold and take snaps for me, so I can get a photo shoot done whenever I want…or whenever the sun is cooperating.

Plus, I’ve come to love my own photography style.  I’m certainly not saying that my skills are the best–they’re definitely not–but I do like my own perspective.  I think I’m getting better at telling stories with my pictures, or at least taking them into a little bit of a different world.

Do you take your own pics?

Scarf: Madewell (similar)

Dress: ModCloth (similar here and here)

Tights: c/o Time for Tights

Shoes: DSW (similar)

Bag: ModCloth (similar)

8 thoughts on “Outfit: Red Dress + Black Ankle Straps”

  1. I always love your pictures and your creative eye for perspective and detail.
    I don’t take my own outfit photos as I usually enlist my sister’s help 🙂 We always have a lot of fun doing them, and she likes doing it. (at least that’s what she says. . . haha) I do understand the creative direction issues though- as sometimes I am trying hard to explain what I want and it’s just not working out!
    On another note- I love polka dots, and especially polka dot tights! They add just the right touch of whimsy to this outfit.
    The Artyologist


    1. Thanks! I’m a big fan of A Clothes Horse and her pictures have certainly influenced mine.

      I think it’s great that you can work with your sister on outfit photos! She does a very good job, and I’m glad she enjoys it.


  2. If I cannot take them myself due to traveling or if the location just won’t suit a tripod, my boyfriend will take them for me from time to time. He’s gotten quite into the tech side of cameras – but not so much the creative side! haha I do take mine myself and it’s a CHALLENGE! It’s a lot of work! I wish I had bloggers near me that I could just photograph for – as a photographer first (I started blogging after years of photographing weddings and people), I like that more and I would love to just photograph for a blogger. It sounds so fun!


    1. It’s definitely a challenge! I’ve had the same thought–I would LOVE to do photo shoots for other people. I’ve tried reaching out to some bloggers I know in my area but so far I haven’t had any luck. Maybe one day!


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