Hello!  My name is Devinne (pronounced like Devin), and I’m the girl behind AND in front of the lens.

I started seriously working on this blog around my 25th birthday as a way to dissipate some of the dissatisfaction I felt at my job.  I needed a creative outlet, and that’s where blogging came in.  Eventually, I landed a position as a publishing assistant for a catalog, and that gave my attitude toward work a complete 180.  However, I discovered that I loved blogging so much that I decided to stick with it.

What started out as a few outfit pictures taken on my phone has become so much more.  Mox and Socks is a place for me to learn about and share all kinds of things, like pictures, stories, tutorials, events, and way too much about my love life.

I try to post at least twice a week–usually a couple of outfit posts, although I love to do hair tutorials whenever I learn something new!  I take all my own photos on a Nikon D3300 (with a 50 mm lens) and use Lightroom to edit them.  Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge my darling mutt, Moxie.  She lends moral support and is responsible for always keeping my energy level up.

Moxie and I live in Chicago, where we both have a hard time sitting still.  I’m constantly on the go, so if you see me, wave me down!

Have something you want to talk about? Shoot me an email at moxandsocks@gmail.com.

Please note: Mox and Socks is a place for me to have fun and give advice and inspiration to other women like me.  I don’t monetize my blog anymore so I can maintain my own creative voice.  That being said, I’m open to collaborations under certain conditions.  Please contact me for more info!


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