Review: Lush’s Santa Baby

1449427618029.jpgIf you’ve been following Mox and Socks for a while, you already know that I can’t resist a snazzy red for my lips.  I’m not into wearing a lot of makeup, so lip stains are a good way for me to look like I’ve made an effort without really trying.

A couple of weeks ago while I was visiting my parents, my mom was clearly excited about a little gift for me.  She kept asking if I’d like to have it early, and since neither of us really have any willpower, I closed my eyes and she gave me Lush’s winter classic: Santa Baby.

Santa Baby is technically a lip tint, but I found that the color has some serious staying power.  I smoothed some on that day and it stayed well into the evening–there were even traces of it on my lips after I washed my face for the night.  This is something I like and seek out in a lip color, but my guess is that it isn’t for everyone!

I’ve been wearing it nearly every day since I got it–there’s so much I love about it!  Apart from how long it lasts, the color is perfect.  It’s a little pink-y, which is a departure from most of the reds I own, which are mostly orange-based.  I also really like how well it layers.  I tend to make two or three passes on my lips to get a deep color, but my mom only dabs hers on for a little hint.  And did I mention the scent?  It’s just like cherry cola!

The only thing I don’t like about it is the texture.  It’s a little chalky, but I get past this by prepping my lips with a little balm beforehand.

Apart from that, though, I can see myself getting a lot of use from Santa Baby!  I hope it lasts through the year!

Have you tried Santa Baby?  If so, did you like it?  If not, what’s your favorite holiday makeup?


Pretty Please: Clinique Chubby Sticks

I’ve probably mentioned this once (or twice, or sixty times), but I’m not much of a makeup girl, especially in the summer.  Besides thick, thick eyelashes, all I want is a pretty pout.  I have a bouquet of Revlon stains in my makeup bag, but I want to try something new.  Enter Clinque: they have a set of sixteen (!) lip balms, and I’m in love with almost all of them.  In particular, because I’m a red lip kinda girl, I’m craving the Two Ton Tomato.  And since I’m due for a trip to Clinique soon, anyway (I swear by their facial soap), I may as well pick up a little treat while I’m there.


Pretty Please: Dior Cheek and Lip Glow

With spring finally rounding that corner into summer, I hardly want to wear any makeup.  In the winter, I love taking the time to layer on eyeshadow, contour my cheeks a little with some coral-y blush, and use my deepest red lipstick, but now all I want to do is wake up, wash my face, and run out the door.

But you know what pairs up nicely with a fresh face?  A rosy flush on lips and cheeks.  This Dior gel is supposed to be super light and make your skin luminous.  I really want to try it and see if there’s something to this “Fresh Color Reveal technology”–it’s supposed to work with the moisture on your skin to make it glow.

(Let me state for the record that I absolutely abhor the term “technology” when applied to beauty products, but I’m willing to humor Dior if this stuff makes me look good.)

With the move coming up in less than two months’ time, this might be one of the last things I splurge on before I go!


On Aging

Two things I received in the mail this month have made me consider my age more than ever.  The first is Allure’s anti-aging issue, in which Botox advertisements are smartly tucked between features on eye cream and the right type of skirt to wear at 50.  The second, and perhaps the one that hit closer to home, was this month’s Birchbox.

It included a sample of WEI’s Manuka Bee Venom anti-wrinkle mask.  Really, BB? You had to throw in a cream that carries an allergy warning, all because you think I need to start thinking about the golden years of my skin?

Here’s what’s up: I am 25 years old.  From slightly afar, I look a little younger than most people my age, thanks to a round face and a petite frame (and, let’s face it, a sprinkling of youthful blemishes).  Up close, though, my eyelids are losing firmness.  Faint lines are appearing around my mouth.  And when I eat too much sugar, my face carries a nauseated scowl.

Am I going to do anything about those little indicators of age?  Absolutely not.  I am a firm believer of aging gracefully, which means that my fountain of youth consists solely of good moisturizer, hair dye, and calcium supplements.

In fact, this whole anti-aging battle doesn’t even make sense to me.  The biggest thing I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older is a huge boost in confidence/a major downturn in how little I give a shit.  I simply can’t be bothered to do anything about the natural passage of time.

So listen up, Allure: quit wasting space in your pages.  Show me more lipgloss.

And you, too, Birchbox: don’t you dare give me anti-aging crap when you could give me a new perfume instead.