Outfit: Blowing in the Wind


Remember how I said that the only thing that could hold me back from taking pictures was bird poop?  Well, that got tested this weekend.



You might notice that my clothes and hair are askew in nearly every picture. When I went out to take pictures, it was a scant 35 degrees, and a wind advisory was in effect.  Great gusts of 35 mph blew across the trees, and it was a challenge for me to stay on my feet!  It seemed as though the wind would take a breath now and then only to come back and blast even more furiously than before.

Thankfully, it blew perfectly horizontal, so I never had to worry about my skirt flying up.  It stayed put the whole time, if a little sideways.  And it’s not like anyone was around to notice, anyway.  Normally, this spot is full of people and pets, but no one wanted to be out that day.  Can’t say I blame them!

At one point, I had to run back to my car to warm up, but after my hands were warm, it was right back to it.  At least I kept my coat on the whole time!

I can’t be the only one who takes pictures under extreme conditions, right?  What’s the craziest thing you’ve endured to get good photos?



Outfit: Colder Tonight


Every weekend, around this time, Moxie gets really antsy.  You see, most weekdays, she’s got plans: she goes to my mom’s house twice a week and zooms up and down the backyard, and every Friday, she gets to spend the whole day at doggy daycare.  (I’m told she even has a boyfriend there, but that’s a story for another time.)



On the weekends, though, it’s usually just Mox and me.  I don’t have a yard for her to play in, but I try to make up for that by taking her on extra long walks every Saturday and Sunday.  We play with all her toys and I give her more treats than usual.  Still, it’s never enough.

Right now, she is sitting next to me, staring down at the computer, and grunting like a pig.  That’s how she asks for something: she oinks.  I’m scratching her belly in between sentences, but I can tell that what she really wants  is to play another round of tug-of-war, which I can’t because I’m pretty sure she dislocated my shoulder from a previous game.

In any case, I’m writing this out as fast as I can, because if I don’t, I know Moxie will find some other way to disrupt me!

Sweater: old, Stitch Fix

Top: thrifted

Shorts: old, H&M

Booties: ModCloth

Bag: old, ModCloth



Outfit: Oak Leaves


Sometimes, I get a little bored with my little town.  It’s only a mile and a half across, which means I’ve seen the whole of it many times over.  And it’s wedged right up against Chicago proper, which means I’m forever comparing Oak Park to the city and finding it falls short.


dsc_0231But then fall rolls around.  All the trees turn magnificently golden, scarlet, and crimson, and they set off the Victorian mansions beautifully.  These days, I’ve been making it a point to take a long walk in the late afternoon just to crunch through the leaves and admire the ornate architecture.  Moxie seems to love it just as much as me–some of her favorite pastimes are rolling around in fallen foliage and trying to catch leaves as they fall!

And maybe it’s the nice weather or the fact that I’m outside exercising more than ever, but I’ve felt my mood turn up significantly.  I feel energized, creative, happy.  Nothing in my life is really all that different, but I see it differently.  It feels great, and I want to soak in all this hope and excitement and contentment and hope it lasts me through the winter!

Hat: old, Urban Outfitters

Sweater: c/o thredUP

Top: thrifted

Skirt: thrifted

Shoes: ModCloth



Outfit Remix: Three Ways to Wear a Red Dress


This particular dress has always been kind of a challenge for me.  It seems like it would be easy enough to style, but somehow I always manage to have some trouble knowing what to wear with it.  What color tights?  Heels or flats?  These are not easy questions, but here are some of the ways I’ve begun to explore the answers:


Embroidered belt, wedges, and plaid tights

I’m not sure how I feel about this combo.  I think I’d like it better without the hat and with a plain belt.  This look seems to have too much going on.


Fox scarf, embroidered belt, black tights, and boots

I like this look a little more, but I don’t love it.  I think it’s the fox scarf.  As cute as it is, it just looks a little…thrown on.

modcloth red dress gray sandals (9).jpg

Leather purse, branch necklace, gray sandals

And here’s the most pared-down look of them all–I think it’s the best out of the three.  It seems to me that even though this dress is fairly simple, the whole look should stay that way.  The next time I wear it, I think I’ll go with black wedges, black tights, a plain black belt, and some kind of stole or scarf.  Or maybe my new leather jacket!


Outfit: Treat Yo Self


Over the weekend, I went up to Wisconsin to visit one of my friends–she just landed an amazing job and took this fabulous apartment that’s none too far from Lake Michigan.  We explored the farmer’s market and discovered the coolest book store/tea shop in picturesque Kenosha, but those weren’t the highlights of the day.



After lunch, we made a stop at the outlet mall, where we decided to have a Treat Yo Self Day.  Even if you’re not a Parks and Rec fan, I think the name speaks for itself, doesn’t it?  It’s a day packed with buying what you want, eating what you want, and doing what you want.  In the end, I picked up all the clothes I’d been wanting for a while, plus a couple of extra goodies, like a gorgeous BCBG little black dress and the cutest Kate Spade clutch.

But even that wasn’t the end of it.  All day, I’d been wanting to visit Apple Holler and pick some apples, and every few hours, I would bring it up again.  When we were finished swiping our credit cards like they were Tinder, we were too late to pick, but we made the detour out and sat down to the tastiest home-cooked meal I’ve had in a long time.  And at the end, of course we had big slices of Dutch apple pie and mugs of hot cider.  It was like something out of Little House on the Prairie, you know?

We decided to make this an annual celebration, and I for one am all for it!  We all need a day to take care of ourselves.

Have you ever celebrated Treat Yo Self Day?  If you have, what have you done?

Jacket: Guess

Dress: thrifted

Shoes: ModCloth


Outfit: Two Can Play That Game


For a long time, Mox and Socks has been a pretty solitary space.  While it’s nice to communicate with other bloggers through emails and comments, most of the work that goes on ’round these parts can be a little lonely.dsc_0194



Not this week, though!  This past Sunday, I got to meet, hang out, and take pictures with none other than the incredible Emily Hallock of Thoroughly Modern Emily!  I’ve been following Emily’s blog for quite some time now, and I just adore her unparalleled collection of retro dresses.  And her voice really comes through in her posts–her wit, her excitement, her clever observations–it always draws me in.

Since we both live in/near Chicago, we thought we’d meet up and take some fun autumn pictures.  We drove out to one of my favorite settings, Mayslake Peabody Estate, and set up shop in the tree-lined path behind the Tudor-style mansion.

Spending the afternoon with Emily was so much fun!  We laughed at the silly poses we struck for our pictures, grumbled about politics, and juggled pumpkins.  And for once I wasn’t that weirdo taking pictures of herself, by herself!

One day soon, I hope we get together for another photo sesh.  And if you’re a Chicago blogger who wants to collaborate, shoot me an email!

Extras, Outfits

Outfit: Ghosts and Stuff


Lately, I’ve been borderline obsessed with all things paranormal.  ‘Tis the season, right?  These days, I’ve been listening to as many ghost stories as possible, and I’ve been instigating all my friends into telling their own tales.  Some of them have told me spirits seem to follow them; others tell me they’ve seen horrible creatures.  As eager as I am to hear about their experiences with the other world, nothing’s really happened to me.  Except this one time…



I used to volunteer at an old Victorian house on the weekends.  I’d give tours and talk about the family that settled there in the 1850s.  Most of the time, it was such a pleasant place to be–I loved looking into the parlor, with its plush carpets and spindly, delicate furniture.  I would meander through the kitchen, wondering at the china cups and rough wooden bowls.  And the bedrooms were full of old treasures, like a Bible worked in jewels on the cover and homemade dolls.

But sometimes I wanted nothing more than to get out.

I knew I was being watched by someone upstairs.  Whoever it was would stare down at me while I sat in the front doorway waiting for visitors.  At the end of my shift, when I had to close all the blinds in the house, I scurried through the upstairs rooms as fast as I could–because I didn’t feel welcome. I never liked to go up there and only did it when I was leading a tour or closing up.

Once, when I was trying to get into the house, I unlocked the door and pushed to get in. No matter how hard I pushed, I couldn’t get it open.  Well, it’s over a hundred years old, so I was just a little frustrated with the antique hinges.  But when I finally did manage to pry it open, the door SLAMMED back at me with a bang.

After that, I got the idea that I needed to say hello before I tried entering the house.  That seemed to keep the peace.

Talking to other volunteers, I learned that my experiences weren’t unusual.  They’d tell me they heard knocking and footsteps, or the rooms would suddenly go cold. In fact, some had much worse to say.  One volunteer’s tour was interrupted by a woman who had to leave–she said someone was screaming at her from upstairs.

After one summer, I was done.  I’ve never gone back to visit.

What about you?  Do you have any good ghost stories?

Hat: old, Urban Outfitters

Dress: old, ModCloth

Belt: vintage

Tights: old, ModCloth

Shoes: old, Restricted

Bag: old, ModCloth


Outfit: Hey, Little Hollywood


I’m taking a little bit of a blogger break right now, but while I’m spending my free time eating chickpea cookie dough and napping with Moxie, I’m going to re-share some of my favorite blog posts from last fall.  If This American Life gets to air reruns, why can’t I? 



I have such a deep love for fall, and I’m so despondent over its imminent end.  It’s simply tragic that it only really lasts for about six weeks–after that, the trees are bare and it’s only a matter of time before the outdoors become unbearable.  I suppose this is why I took pictures for this shoot until my camera battery died;  I had to capture as much of the season as possible.

These photos were taken at the Mayslake estate, which is one of my favorite locations.  I haven’t been here since I moved, but with the colors changing, I had to make a return trip.  There’s something so magical about the bright colors against both the lake and the old Tudor facade.  I don’t think I could ever tire of taking photos–it has so much to offer!

I’m wearing some of my favorite fall elements–a cozy sweater with a quirky collar underneath and a pair of thick knee socks.  Before I started this blog, I don’t think I would ever have worn something like this.  I seldom thought about the details–in years past, I probably would have worn the shorts with tights and the sweater by itself.  The socks and the collar make the whole thing.  That’s what I’ve noticed about some of the exceptionally good bloggers–they really pay attention to the details, and I’ve been trying hard to emulate that.  I want each piece to have something of interest and add a line or two to the outfit’s narrative.

So now, when I go shopping, I like to choose pieces that go beyond being practical, and I’m not just talking about statement pieces.  The next time I need to replace worn-out basics, I’m gunning for ones that have a little extra interest.

So what about you guys?  Has your philosophy on style changed in, say, the last year or so?

Hat: old, Urban Outfitters

Top: old, Urban Outfitters

Sweater: thrifted

Shorts: old, H&M

Socks: old, Urban Outfitters

Boots: old, Dolce Vita

Bag: old, ModCloth


Outfit: Days Get Shorter


Like nearly every other girl on the planet, I AM SO EXCITED FOR FALL!  While it may not officially arrive for another few weeks, the air is starting to feel nice and crispy, and it’s time to pull out all of my cold-weather things.  I’m talking about my knee socks and long cozy sweaters, boots and knit scarves.  And while I have to say goodbye to my straw boater for a little while, I’m thrilled to bring out my wool hats and fuzzy caps.  Heck, maybe I’ll even dress up Moxie in some autumn duds.  Think she’ll like them as much as me?




It’s funny–when I was a kid, I didn’t like fall so much.  As much as I liked school, I missed the fun and freedom of summer.  Now that I’m an adult and I never get summer breaks anymore, fall really gets to shine.  My autumns are always packed with fun things to do: pumpkin picking, cider drinking, baking, and long walks through brilliantly colored forests.  My friends and family get together for movies and trips.  Everyone feels energized in the brisk air and it’s like these months are rife with possibility.

I have a good feeling about this fall.  Let’s see what happens.

By the way, the skirt I’m wearing is one of my capsule items, and I got this one from thredUP!  And because I love ya guys, you can use the discount code FOREVER50 to get 50% off your first-time order of Forever 21 clothes.

Hat: old, H&M

Top: thrifted

Ribbon: vintage

Skirt: c/o thredUP

Shoes: thrifted

Bag: old, ModCloth


Outfit: Mean Green


I know I say this a lot, but I need to give up sugar.  It’s not a weight loss thing–I keep getting some bad stomachaches when I have too much sugar, and I’ve also noticed that my energy levels have been really low these days.  I’m hoping that a sugar fast will help, and hopefully one day I’ll be able to have small amounts again.





So far, I’m just trying to get through a whole day without it.  This morning, before I threw out my jar of cookie butter, I had a nice big spoonful of it.  And while I was at my parents’ over the weekend, I just had to indulge in a yummy Toasted Almond bar.

It ain’t easy.  I crave sugar like you wouldn’t believe, and I get really cranky without it.  At least I’m not throwing temper tantrums or anything–yet.  Heck, I’m this close to stopping this post for a quick ice cream run.  It’s taking all my willpower to keep writing.

Anyway, let’s change the subject for a bit.  I’ve been a big thredUP fan for a while now, so imagine my surprise when they wanted to work with me!  They carry a giant selection of pre-loved clothes at good, good discounts, so it’s kind of like thrift shopping online for brands I actually like.  I got to pick out some cute end-of-summer/fall clothes, and I’ll be revealing those in the next few posts.  First up are these Forever 21 shorts–I haven’t seen mint green, high-waisted shorts anywhere else before, so I was excited to scoop up this pair!

If you’re interested in snagging some F21 pieces, use the code Forever50 for 50% off first-time orders!  You can go straight to the Forever 21 stuff right here.

Top: thrifted

Shorts: c/o thredUP

Shoes: old, ModCloth

Bag: old, ModCloth