Outfit: Blending In





Redoing my wardrobe has been marvelously helpful in so many ways: I’ve cleared out all the junk in my closet, I’ve learned to shop with intention, and I really look forward to getting dressed in the morning.

But.  (Yes, there’s a but.)

After spending so much time thinking about the kinds of clothes I want to wear, it’s been another thing altogether to put those wants into action.  I’ve spent a lot of time the last few years in little else but A-line skirts and dresses on the blog, which, while flattering, make it easy to hide the parts of my body I don’t like.  (Whether I think things are too big or too small or too short or too long, I won’t say–that’s not the point!) While I’m still very much in love with a good skater skirt, I’ve also found myself drawn to skinny jeans and pants lately–and you can’t hide anything in those.

Sure, I’m in jeans all the time, but I seldom wear them for the blog.  I always told myself it was because they didn’t look “pretty” enough for a blog post, but I do think that part of me always felt a little uncomfortable with how revealing they are.  I was definitely feeling a little insecure when I took these pictures.  People are going to see the parts of my body I don’t like!

The thing is, I really love outfits that incorporate jeans and pants on other bloggers, so why not me?  Why can’t I rock them too?  They’re essential to my new style, and I love wearing them when I’m not going to be “seen.”

It’s something I’m going to have to work out on my own, but I wanted to get this out there. I’m hoping that spending more and more time getting to know my bod in some new clothes will help–it certainly did in the past.

9 thoughts on “Outfit: Blending In”

    1. Thank you! I’d been looking for something like that for ages and finally snagged it at the Renaissance Faire this summer.


  1. Oh gosh, I have felt similarly when you say that you thought outfits with jeans or pants weren’t “pretty enough” for a blog post. I do wear mostly skirts and dresses, but do wear jeans sometimes. But I’ve avoided taking photos of outfits with pants because I didn’t think it was worth it. I think it does involve changing my mindset, like you said, and outfits featuring jeans/pants can definitely be fashionable!


    1. They totally can! I recently read The Curated Closet, and one of the activities she has you do is make an inspiration board of outfits you love–and most of mine had pants or jeans in the mix. It got me to realize that there’s nothing wrong or “unfancy” about pants!


  2. You look gorgeous! The skinny pants suit you really well, and this is a very nice outfit that is most definitely “blog worthy”. I completely understand where you are coming from though- we are always our worst critics, aren’t we?
    Also- I love that tiny bottle necklace- so sweet!
    The Artyologist


    1. Thanks! It’s taken a while, but I think pants can be just as cool as skirts and dresses 😉 And thanks–I bought it at the Renaissance Faire last summer!


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